Free prefixes

As don't use all of our 16 routable networks, we are happy to share them with other IPv6 enthusiasts.
Sounds interesting? Select prefix below and provide your ASN, your name and contact email.
Don't have ASN? No problem, we can announce it for you and route it to you via tunnel. Just give us know.

What's included?

  • route6 object at RIPE Database
  • ROA record
  • rDNS - Reverse DNS aka PTR records

Terms and conditions

  • You are responsible for obtaining Internet connectivity. We can be your upstream or route given prefix via Tunnel.
  • You must maintain valid abuse and technical contact. Failure to provide or maintain it active will lead to deletion of route6 and ROA objects.
  • Prefix is rented for calendar year and can be renewed without any limitations.
  • No illegal activities. In case of such activities, we reserve the right to report you to authorities.
  • No abuse. In case abuse, we will contact you. No reaction within 36 hours - we delete route6 and ROA objects.

It is about fun, right? So don't be a dick.

Free Prefixes
Currently we are out of prefixes. Sorry.