AS 216311 - KLab Network

Connecting The Komputer Laboratory to Internet.

IPv6-only Network from IPv6 entusiasts.



AS216311 is member of North IX, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We also peer via tunnels. Read our peering policy and peer with us.

Peering info


AS216311 has 2 locations so far. Internet peering happens physically in Copenhagen or over existing IPv4 infrastructure in Tuusula.

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We are taking abuse requests seriously. Abusing our network is never tolerated. Read abuse information for more.

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Free prefixes

That's right, we can provide you free routable IP addresses from our pool.
Select prefix you want, read our terms and request your prefix. See you in the Internet.

Our free prefixes

Network Info

Country Prefix Status Description
FI 2a12:bec0:500::/47
Planned Main Network
SE 2a12:bec0:502::/48
Planned Host2 Network
EU 2a12:bec0:503::/48
Planned Clients Network
SE 2a12:bec0:509::/48
Active Host9 Network
EU 2a12:bec0:50a::/48
Planned Kat Team Network
SE 2a12:bec0:50b::/48
Active Stor Network aka Backup Services
TW 2a12:bec0:50e::/48
Announced by AS215192
DK 2a12:bec0:50f::/48
Active Denmark Network
Country ASN Name Description Comment
DK AS199545 Stacket Group ApS Physical interconnection in Cophenhagen, Denmark
DE AS209533 iFog GmbH Tunnel to Frankfurt, Germany
NO AS58057 Securebit AG Tunnel to Oslo, Norway
CH AS41051 Freetransit Project Coming soon...
Country ASN Name Description Comment
KZ AS215953 Berik Ashimov Berik Ashimov At DataHub-IX
CN AS216056 Jingqiu Xu Jingqiu Xu Direct GRE Tunnel

New peers are always welcome!

Country ASN Name Description Comment
FI AS215589 KLab Educational Network Research and Educational Network Virtual interconnection in Tuusula, Finland

New downstreams are always welcome!